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About Us

First Leap English, a business unit of TAL Education Group (NASDAQ, XRS), established in Beijing in 2009, is flourishing and expanding across China, with over 30, 000 students, and top 3 brand recognition in the Chinese education industry. Created to provide much-needed quality afterschool English training for children aged 1.5 – 15 years old, in a fun, motivating and entirely English speaking environment.

Rather than teaching English as a subject, we teach different subjects in English, a method based on and incorporating several educational theories. Our curriculum is not only already developed, but each lesson has been pre-prepared and tested. Our classrooms feature smart board technology, a limit of just 14 students per class and a Chinese teaching assistant.

Beyond the classroom, First Leap is the perfect opportunity to explore a foreign land and culture while maintaining a fulfilling and exciting job. Come to China to learn a new language, experience a new culture, taste a new cuisine, meet new people, improve your teaching ability or just spice up your life.

When you join First Leap, you join a community of over 300 international teachers, as well as thousands of Chinese co-workers, all ready to support you, both in the workplace and out as you adjust to life in China. Interested? Contact us. We look forward to welcoming you to our team!

Job Opportunities

What we require

Native English Speakers: UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or Ireland. Education Background: BA or above (majors in Education, Linguistics, or English given top priority). Internationally recognized TEFL, TESOL or CELTA certificate preferred; official teaching license recognized by home country highly preferred. Teaching experience preferred, especially in early childhood or younger kids. Passion for First Leap and for working with young children is essential. At least one-year commitment; longer dedication highly preferred.

What we offer

Ten days paid professional training with accommodation provided in Beijing. 32 hours work week in total: 5 working days (teaching hours plus office hours). Small class size: no more than 14 students. Teaching package: flip chart, teaching guide, excellent activity materials, etc. Advanced teaching facilities: Office workspace with a work computer and free internet access for each international teacher; projectors, smart white boards, air conditioner and air purifier are equipped with each classroom; app, JMB tools for communication online; free coffee provided; Bilingual local teacher assistant. Support and communication between teachers and centers.

More still….

Airplane ticket to China
Settle in allowance (6000 RMB)
TEFL or TESOL certification expenses covered
Health Insurance
11,000-16,000 RMB after-tax (Housing allowance or accommodation included)
Airfare bonus: 8000 RMB (after contract fulfillment))
Incentive Bonuses for extra work and excellent performance)
Sponsored legal Z work visa)
All Chinese public holidays, plus paid sick leaves)
Ongoing team-building activities organized by First Leap)
Salary Raise (500-1000 RMB) after six months fulfillment
Salary Raise (at least 2000 RMB) for contract renewal
Junior Training (before working in First Leap)
Extended Junior Training (after getting to your school center)
Senior Training (provided within 6 months)
Academic Training (During your contract year)
Future Leader Boot Camp is dedicated to promoting international teacher to be Researcher, Trainer, Assessor, Regional Supervisor or International Teacher Academic Director…
Arrival Assistance: Airport pick up
Living Assistance: setting up SIM card, bank account, transportation card, apartment rental, etc.

How To apply?

Please fill in the First Leap's New Teacher Information Form and submit it. How To apply?
The 1st interview will be used to get to know you and introduce some basics about First Leap and answer any preliminary questions. For the interview, we strongly recommend the use of a webcam through the Skype Please send the following documents to before the first interview: Resume.
Scanned passport.
A copy of your education degree.
Copies of your teaching certificates including TEFL/TESOL/CELTA.
Copies of your reference letters.
Recent photos of yourself.
Please prepare a short demonstration lesson to show your teaching ability. Please follow the instructions as below:
The lesson should last for about 20 minutes.
The topic is suitable for children around 6 years old.
The lesson should allow the students (or interviewer) to interact with the teacher.
The lesson should have a component where the students use the language in song, games or crafts.
After you pass the second interview, you’ll be receiving the following three documents(Contract, Employee Handbook and FAQ) which serve to ensure each and every employee is fully aware of the expectations, policies and procedures defined by employment with First Leap.
After reading them carefully, please send back the complete information form with the details and the scan copy of the last page of the contract with your signature as well as the initialed part about the handbook on the page to the recruiter on time.
Step 1
Prepare the following documents and send us photocopies or originals:
(1)Original Non-criminal background check report.
(2)Personal resume.
(3)Photocopy of passport.
(4)Original Bachelor degree or Authentication letter of BA from Chinese embassy.
(5)Original TEFL or TESOL certificate or Original Reference letter (two years of teaching).
(6)Original Medical check.
(8)Other documents may be needed.
Please check with our visa specialist for details.
Step 2
After receiving your documents, First Leap will help you apply for Working Permit and Invitation Letter.
Step 3
Z visa application:Submit visa application documents at Chinese Embassy or Consulate.
Step 4
Foreign Expert Certificate (First Leap will do this).
Step 5
Resident Permit (First Leap will assist in obtaining this).
All teachers need to come to Beijing or Nanjing for about 8 days in order to receive the training at one of our training centers. Even if you are already in China, this is required of all new teachers.
First Leap will tell you which city to book tickets for after your interview.
We will discuss with you during your interviews when is best to book your flight. Please follow our time table as we schedule your training to start on a specific day, often with other trainees.

Teacher Development Program

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First Leap’s commitment to its international teachers is found first and foremost within the International Teacher Department. From recruiters who parse through hundreds of interviews a month to find the right candidates, to visa experts who take the myriad of laws and regulations and guide our teachers to be safe and secure in China, to our academic team tasked with making sure our teachers are ready to go, the International Teacher Department is there to serve every teacher no matter the city. Please submit your Curriculum Vitae, Scanned copies of Passport, Degree, Teaching Certificate, Recent photo and any other related documents to us. We will contact you very soon!


A closer look at our academic team, reveals four distinct roles designed to support the team in all facets of their work. First, our researchers in R&D, work to continually update, create and advance the curriculum that each teacher presents each week. Second, our trainers, work with new and old teachers alike in group settings to make sure every understands the proper working and teaching protocols. Third, our assessors work in the centers with teachers, helping them prepare, practice and review their sessions to maintain a high teacher quality as well as be available for any questions or concerns. Finally, our supervisors and director, work together with the teams to create a uniform plan and address all teacher problems. But most helpful, is that all of these team members started as teachers in First Leap. They know what you are experiencing because they experienced it too and they are there to help you through all your problems, academic, work or life related.

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